JRF-NET is considered one of the toughest and prestigious exams in the country due to two reasons. First is the very low ratio of selection to the number of appearing candidates and secondly because of its vast syllabus. Hence, most of the students find it difficult to qualify the exam, even after having a good understanding of the subject.


Like other exams, in order to qualify JRF-NET requires a bit of good management of time and effort along with proper guidance. First the emphasis is on topics for subjective type problems (second paper) and secondly on guidance in solving objective type problems (first paper) quickly. In other words, in order to attempt 16 questions from the given approximately 39-45 questions, it is not important to emphasize the entire syllabus; rather the knowledge of the paperís pattern is important i.e. from which part the probability of getting many questions is higher. Our team is keeping track of the previous yearís paper (JRF and GATE, both) and based on it we select some important topics for the preparation. Also for objective type questions we provide a different approach to solve the problem quickly and correctly.